Koko ni iru

Oktober - november 2022

Koko ni iru

KOKO NI IRU is an art exhibition with an assemblage of Japanese memorabilia in Utrecht that is the result of an extensive social and artistic research project created by Stichting Japanese Art & Culture Centre of Utrecht.

KOKO NI IRU means “I am here” in Japanese. With this project, Jaccu would like to open the doors to the small but rich community of Japanese people in Utrecht, with their own values and culture, to give the community the right resonance in the Netherlands where they live.

This project is a part of the celebration of ‘Utrecht 900 Jaar’. Gemeente Utrecht is the biggest supporter by granting a generous subsidy to realise this project. Bibliotheek Utrecht is also welcoming us to exhibit our curious assemblage in their great location Neude in October and November in 2022.

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