Silk dreams

September 10th 2010 until October 24th 2010

Zijdendromen1 Klein Uitsnede

Michiko Uehara’s textile is as fine as the thin strands of silk that they are made of. This extraordinary Japanese textile artist from Okinawa knows exactly how to combine transparency and the most beautiful forms. The exhibition ‘Silk dreams’ signifies her first exhibition in the Netherlands.

Michiko Uehara started weaving at the age of 22 when she went to study in Tokyo. After three years she returned to her origins, Okinawa, the most soutern part of Japan. The textile art of the island group is highly advanced. Uehara is much inspired by these surroundings.

The ultra fine textiles Uehara produces seem to fall apart of transparancy. The combination of three-denier yarn and the use of only silk create exceptionally clear and shining weavings that seem to reflect light itself. She spins and dyes the yarn herself, using only natural dyes. In this way, Uehara makes textiles that resemble the wings of dragonflies that lead us to a world of silk dreams.