Kawaii Kimono

June 02nd 2011 until August 28th 2011

Kimono Met Ballen  Hr1

Clothing takes an important place in Japanese social life, especially children’s clothing. Since the 16th century special kimonos were designed for children from prosperous families. These silk or cotton kimonos are decorated with turtles, pine trees, bamboo and cranes, symbolising a long and happy life. Girl’s kimonos often depict additional symbols for a good marriage and fertility; boy’s kimonos are usually decorated with symbols for bravery, wealth and success. The clothes show how much luck and love the mother and family wanted to bestow on their child. The unique collection of children’s kimono’s of Kazuko Nakano consists of beautiful creations from the 16th until the 20th century. With the exhibition of this collection a look is granted into the life of wealthy Japanese families and their love for children.


To get a deeper grasp of Japanese kimonos, especially children's kimonos, the SieboldHuis organizes some extra activities around the exhibition Kawaii Kimono.
- Lecture by Linda Hanssen, curator Textile in the Wereldmuseum on Sunday July 10 at 14.00h (in Dutch)

Help Japan, get dressed in a kimono! On Sunday July 31 visitors of the SieboldHuis will be able to get dressed up like a Japanese. Four Japanese ladies will help you get dressed in a kimono. Then you will be able to have your picture taken for €2. The money raised on this day will be donated to the city of Yamada, which is situated in the area that was hit by the earthquake and tsunami last March 11. So help Japan, get dressed in a kimono on Sunday July 31 juli between 13.00h and 16.00h!

Fashion weekend: From cosplay and visual kei to lolita and gyaru - modern Japanese fashion styles explained, on Saturday August 13 & Sunday August 14. Two times a day, at 13.00h and at 14.30h a fashion show will be held, including an explanation of the various styles and how they manifest themselves in Europe and the Netherlands.

Free tours of the exhibition on 4 Saturdays and 1 Sunday: June 25, July 2, July 23, Sunday July 31 and August 6. Start at 11.00h. Tours are held in Dutch. You are kindly asked to reserve in advance by e-mail: info@sieboldhuis.org. Tours in English are available on request.

This exhibition is sponsored by All Nippon Airways (ANA).