Japanese Design

July 20th 2012 until September 02nd 2012

37  Aibo Kopie

From July 20th to September 2nd Japan Museum SieboldHuis presents Japanese Design. In this exhibition over fifty examples of Japanese design are on display showing how Japanese craftsmanship entered the world of technology. 

Design is everywhere, the sofa in front of your TV, a lamp hanging from the ceiling, the clothes you wear and the dishes of which you eat. In the design of these products a balance must be found between aesthetics and functionality.

Japanese Design leaps from the nineteenth century permanent collection of the SieboldHuis to the modern age. The SieboldHuis shows examples from the second half of the twentieth century, such as the Aibo robot dog and the Butterfly stool. These examples show the wide variety of Japanese industrial design.
Modern design is seemingly universal. Yet we speak of modern Japanese design. The objects in this exhibition have unmistakably Japanese roots. Ideals such as compactness, simplicity, and attention to fine detail which are apparent in traditional craftsmanship found their place in modern design.

Japanese Design allows the visitor a glimpse into Japanese society

This exhibition is made possible by the Japan Foundation