Kusunoki Tatewaki Masatsura

Twenty-Four Achievements in the Empire


タイトル Kusunoki Tatewaki Masatsura Kusunoki Tatewaki Masatsura 俊楠常刀正行
シリーズタイトル Twenty-Four Achievements in the Empire 皇國二十四功
アーティスト Tsukioka Yoshitoshi 月岡芳年 (1839–1892)
日にち 3/1893 (posthumous edition)
Uitgever Daikokuya Matsuki Heikichi (Shōjudō) 大黒屋松木平吉 (松寿堂)
木材カーバー Negishi Naoyama 根岸直山
場所 Tokyo
サイン Yoshitoshi 芳年
アーティストシール Yoshitoshi 芳年
品質形状 Woodblock print; full colour print; pigment on paper
フォーマット ōban
オブジェクト番号 SH2018-DM-125
Credit line Gift of Muck and Mieke Douma
Gifted to the Japan Museum SieboldHuis in April 2018 by Muck and Mieke Douma


Posthumous edition issued by Daikokuya (Matsuki) Heikichi. The original series appeared first in 1881, and was finished in 1887, by publisher Tsuda Genshichi. In the early edition by Genshichi the title cartouche is red, the signature is framed, and the background has various colours.