Japan museum SieboldHuis accessibility

The Building

The main entrance to the museum at Rapenburg 19 has 5 steps on either side of a raised landing. Wheelchair, walker, mobility scooter, and pram access to the museum is via the Oude Varkensmarkt to the Nova Passage at the rear of the building. Limited parking is available In the Oude Varkensmarkt, from there it’s a 2-minute walk via the Nova Passage, across the square to the green door. After ringing the bell, a member of the museum staff will meet you.

See film below for route from main entrance to rear entrance of the museum.


Opposite the museum is a free accessible parking space parking for permit holders. For information on how to obtain a permit if you do not have one: see the website of the city of Leiden.

In the Museum

The lift in the museum gives access to all the exhibition rooms. In accordance with the ‘Leiden Handicapped Platform Guidelines’, the museum is wheelchair, walker, and compact mobility scooter accessible. The museum also has a wheelchair that visitors may borrow. The cellar is not wheelchair accessible.

Those accompanying persons with disabilities are given free entry to the museum. Pets are not allowed in the museum except for service dogs.

Hidden Disabilities Sunflower

Japan Museum SieboldHuis is affiliated with Hidden Disabilities and supports the Sunflower movement. At the SieboldHuis we want everyone to feel comfortable and enjoy the exhibitions. Some people have hidden disabilities that are not immediately apparent. They are typically chronic illnesses and conditions that significantly impair activities of daily living. Staff at Japan Museum SieboldHuis understand the significance of the Sunflower and will accord visitors the necessary support.