Guided tours

A guided tour of Japan Museum SieboldHuis is more than just a visit to the museum. It opens the door to a treasure chest of mesmerizing artifacts reflecting the art and culture of ancient Japan. From Lacquerware to ceramics and from geishas to samurai, our expert guides will tell you all there is to know about Japanese culture and our shared history including tales of life on Deshima.
Japan Museum SieboldHuis also offers ‘tailor made’ guided tours on a wide range of topics including Japanese flora, Dutch-Japanese relations in medical science, Japanese and Western influences in art and interesting facts about the building that was once Siebold’s house. We are happy to share our expertise with you and together create your own personal guided tour. Guided tours are also available for children.

Japan Museum SieboldHuis offers guided tours in English, Dutch and Japanese. They are one hour in length and have a maximum of 15 participants.

For more information, reservations and guided tours, please contact: Sandra Bouhuis

Prices Guided Tour Permanent Collection

Day Price
Tuesday – Friday, (excl. admission to museum, max. 15 pers) € 85,-
Saturday and Sunday, (excl. admission to museum, max 15 pers) € 95,-

Museum and School Programme

The Culture & Education Group has developed a programme especially designed for group 7 pupils of primary schools in Leiden and surrounding areas. Children enrolled in this programme learn to reflect upon their own culture, the culture of others and culture in general.

(The Museum and School Programme is given in the Dutch language only).


Workshops are held regularly at the weekend in Japan Museum SieboldHuis. Click here to see our activities programme. At your request Japan Museum SieboldHuis will also organize workshops on specific topics such as calligraphy, Manga, ikebana (flower arranging) and origami. There are special Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh workshops where children learn how to draw their favourite animation figures and culinary workshops on making sushi and tasting sake. At Japan Museum SieboldHuis we are eager to help make your visit to our museum a memorable one.


For more information on our activities please email us at: or call during opening hours
(10:00 – 17:00) 071-5125539.