Silk Splendour

March 06th 2015 until May 31st 2015

Sixteen priceless kimonos measuring 2 x 1.5 meters,  designed by master weaver Itchiku Kubota (1917-2003) will be on display in the exhibition ‘ Silk Splendour’ in Japan Museum SieboldHuis.

Extensive dyeing procedures, 300 colours and 12 months of needlework are required to make one perfect Kubota kimono.  Each kimono is an explosion of colours, decorated with embroidery, with patterns in East Indian ink and embellished with gold leaf and silver after the 16th century traditional Tsujigahana technique.   

14 of these exquisite kimonos from the world famous Kubota collection have never before been exhibited outside Japan and will be on display in Japan Museum SieboldHuis from 6 March to 31 May. 

During this period textile exhibitions by amateur artists from ‘Windkracht 10’ and ‘Stidoc’ will also be on display as an artistic response to the Siebold collection itself.