Sekimori ishi modern

March 14th 2014 until June 22nd 2014

Arno Kuppens  Lr

The garden and courtyard of the Japan Museum SieboldHuis is host to a 21st century interpretation of a 16th century Japanese tradition. European artists will present a modern twist on the traditional Sekimori Ishi (boundary-guard stone). According to ancient Zen tradition one or more stones are cross bound with twine and placed on paths in Japanese gardens. They signify in a clear and yet subtle way that the path is closed. Don't let them hold you back this time, walk among them and enjoy the approximately 40 exceptional objects.

Daniel  Nicod  Lr
Peter  Bremers  Lr

For 'Sekimori Ishi Modern' the artists have been commissioned to replace the traditional materials (stone and twine) with alternative materials that demonstrate this ancient tradition in a modern way. 23 artists from Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands are displaying two or three modern interpretations of the Sekimori Ishi from within their own discipline; glass arts, ceramics, illustration, photography, sculpture and painting. Régina Le Moigne, Jo Bordouw and Michio Takahashi have previously exhibited in French and European museums. For many of the artists this is their first introduction to Dutch museum visitors. There are also pieces by well-known artists Peter Bremers and Olav Slingerland in this exhibition. 

With 'Sekimori Ishi Modern' the Japan Museum SieboldHuis is putting a little known, mystical part of Japanese culture in the spotlight. This is the first exhibition that seeks to present a modern reinterpretation of the traditional Sekimori Ishi. After the SieboldHuis the sculptures will travel on to Belgium and France. Every participating artist expands upon the philosophy behind their artwork in the catalogue that accompanies this exhibition. This is available in the museum shop for €10. There are a variety of different activities that accompany this exhibition. For more information about the exhibition, activities, lectures and guided tours please look at our website on www.sieboldhuis.org