Permanent display



When you visit the SieboldHuis museum you are treated to beautiful objects from Japan: fascinating Japanese artifacts behind a Dutch historical facade.

The classic canalside home of the Japan Museum SieboldHuis was occupied by Siebold from 1832 to 1845. Here, he introduced his impressive collection of Japanese curios to the public:  prints, lacquerware, ceramics, fossils, herbaria, stuffed animals, coins, garments, maps and hundreds of other treasures.  Alongside the collection of Japanese treasures Siebold engaged artists to capture animals and objects on paper. More than 150 years later, in 2005 Japan Museum SieboldHuis made this building its home. Alongside the permanent collection of 800 objects there are temporary exhibitions throughout the year on a wide range of subjects. Japan Museum SieboldHuis is a place where you can learn about the Japan of the past and the present