Jewellery in Japan Museum SieboldHuis

April 06th 2012 until July 08th 2012

Afbeelding 1

Next to the exhibition Fish - From Shark to Koi SieboldHuis will show jewellery and installations from young artist Nina Sajet (1987). For this exhibtion Sajet was inspired by the exhibition Fish - From Shark to Koi. 

Nina Sajet

Nina graduated (2010) from ArtEZ, the Art Academy in Arnhem, and specializes in jewellery and ceramics. Sajet Nina gets her inspiration from nature and daily life. With her new series "Lost in sea" it looks like she fished the work out of the sea.

The jewellery is painted with watercolors and finished with a transparent glaze. The oxidized copper provides a nice watery effect.

Fish - From Shark to Koi

Japanese fish in all shapes and sizes. From 6 April to July 8 SieboldHuis presents the exhibition Fish - From Shark to Koi. A wonderful source of inspiration for this young artist