Foto-expositie 'Japan & Nederland'

28 oktober t/m 11 december 2016

Sh Digitale Flyer Fototentoonstelling Eng

Four hundred years of trade, communication, cultural and economic exchange between the Netherlands and Japan has left an indisputable mark on both countries. On display here are photos that illustrate these influences. This exhibition is the result of an international photography competition, organised by Inclusive Works in cooperation with Japan Museum SieboldHuis. Participants from both the Netherlands and Japan submitted photographs.

The twenty selected photos show a great diversity in themes like nature, art, architecture, food, animation and design. These images form a solid documentation of what the public see as influences, which in turn gives a tactile overview of these significant ties.

'Gaining knowledge and insight into other cultures, creates more interest and understanding for a culture and its people. It generally diminishes imagined distance between you and other individuals or societies and their values, creating connections and bonds. This often leads to more tolerance, respect and acceptance of the 'new' culture. In our mission to create a more inclusive society; sometimes we need to start at the beginning - to help people gain this knowledge and insight into other cultures. That is the purpose of 'Japan & the Netherlands: A photography exhibition’.

— Laura Coello Eertink - Director of Inclusive Works

Out of over 270 submissions the jury has chosen the twenty works on show here. The jury consisted of Jan van Zanen, Mayor of the City of Utrecht, Robert Strijk, alderman of the city of Leiden, Kris Schiermeier, director of Japan Museum SieboldHuis, Komori Akihiro, president of Komori International Europe B.V., Yazawa Makoto, director of Hitachi Construction Machinery en Nagasaki Rie, second secretary of the Japanese Embassy in the Netherlands.