Catching the drifts

June 25th 2010 until August 15th 2010


This summer Japanese artist Ryosaku Kotaka (1971) exhibits fourty new artworks on paper in the SieboldHouse.

In his works Kotaka combines two Japanese traditions: suminagashi and washi. First the artist makes his ground material of traditional washi (wa means Japanese and shi paper). After that he uses the painting technique suminagashi (floating ink) from the 12th century.

The exhibition not only shows the beautiful results, but the visitor learns about washi and suminagashi as well.

Kotaka about his work
The reason why I use Washi is that, on its surface, I can capture the very moment of water's expression. The paper is a tool of communication, and Washi has the power to provoke a feeling of the universe, that is to say, placing the universe on Washi.