Miyamoto Musashi Masana

Suikoden Tales of Beauty and Bravery


Title Miyamoto Musashi Masana Miyamoto Musashi Masana 宮本武蔵政名
Series title Suikoden Tales of Beauty and Bravery 美勇水滸伝
Artist Tsukioka Yoshitoshi 月岡芳年 (1839–1892)
Date 4/1867
Publisher Ōmiya Kyūjirō (Kiyūdō) 近江屋久次郎 (亀遊堂)
Woodcarver Katada Chōjirō 片田長次郎
City Edo
Signature Ikkaisai Yoshitoshi hitsu 一魁齋芳年筆
Censorship seal(s) aratame, Hare 4 改卯四
Publisher’s seal(s) Kin-Kyū 近久
Blockcutter’s (and/or) printer’s) seal(s) horikō Chō 彫工長

(in inscription cartouche)


He was the top pupil of the Ishikawa Guntōsai school, using two swords. One time, when he was training in the various provinces, he got lost on a mountain road and stumbled upon a great evil. Miyamoto dealt with the threat with great dexterity, killing the thing called Nobusuma (野衾) with the tip of his sword.

(on offering box)

慶應三卯歳吉日 願主近久 Keiō san u sai kichinichi ganshu Kin-Kyū

Temple petitioner Kin-Kyū, on an auspicious day in Keiō 3, the year of the hare

Technique & material Woodblock print; full colour print; pigment on paper
Format ōban
Object number SH2018-DM-147
Credit Line Gift of Muck and Mieke Douma
Provenance Gifted to the Japan Museum SieboldHuis in April 2018 by Muck and Mieke Douma