Japanse theeproeverij

Zondag 9 december, 11.00 - 16.00 uur

Sam 6477

On Sunday December 10 there will be a Japanese tea tasting event at Japan Museum SieboldHuis. Access to the tea tasting is free, so please come and learn about Japanese tea and taste the wonderful green teas from the south of Japan.

The Japanese tea farmer Mr Ohyama will be preparing tea and explaining more about the production of tea and about how to make a good cup of Japanese tea. Ask any question about Japanese tea you have, and enjoy a cup of flavourful, real Japanese tea. The SieboldHuis shop is open for the purchase of tea.

When Nagasaki was the only port in Japan open to foreign trade during the Edo period (1603–1868), the town of Higashi-sonogi was located at the important intersection where the Nagasaki Kaido road connecting Nagasaki to Edo (Tokyo) met the Hirado Kaido road linking Hirado to other regions in Kyushu. It was a vibrant post station town through which many people passed, including feudal lords heading to and from Edo due to the alternate-year residence policy as well as Dutch traders.

In Japan consumption of green tea has decreased, but in recent years the interest in Japanese tea abroad has been growing. It is wonderful that there is now a new tea trade link between The Netherlands and Nagasaki. To prepare themselves well for the future and overseas business, a young generation of tea farmers from old tea-growing families have united into Tsunagu Sonogi Tea Farmers ( One of these tea families is Ohyama Seichaen. Mr Ohyama and Renee Pompen of J-PORT will be very pleased to meet you.