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Japan Market 2024

Sunday, 19th May 12:00 – 17:00

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Japan Museum SieboldHuis is pleased to announce that the14th edition of the Annual Japan Market will be held on Sunday 19th of May from 12:00 – 17:00 hours. Come and see Japan in Leiden!

On May 19th, the Rapenburg will be packed with Japanese stalls featuring everything from manga to prints and from kimono to cosplay. Many aspects of both classical and modern Japanese culture will also be highlighted.

In 2000, the then Emperor and Empress of Japan visited Japan Museum SieboldHuis as part of the State Visit to the Netherlands. To commemorate this visit and their walk down the Rapenburg together with then Queen Beatrix, this event is organised annually by Japan Museum SieboldHuis.


Japan Museum Sieboldhuis | Japan Market 2024
Sunday, 19th May | 12:00 – 17:00 | Rapenburg, Leiden

Entry to the market is free

Admission to the museum is not free. Standard admission prices are applicable. The Budo demontrations in the Tempelzaal of the Museum for Antiquities however are free.

Programme Japan Market 2024


The opening ceremony will take place at 12:00 in the presence of His Excellency the Ambassador of Japan, Mr. Hiroshi Minami and the deputy Mayor of Leiden, Ms. Yvonne van Delft. Director of Japan Museum SieboldHuis, Kris Schiermeier will open the Japan market. A resounding Taiko drum performance will announce the commencement of the opening ceremony.

The Museum

Be sure to visit the exhibition: Japan in Turbulent Times – Japan and the last days of the samurai (1853-1867) when you come to the Japan Market. The exhibition describes how the Dutch and Japanese navigated together through the mid-19th century; a turbulent time filled with political and scientific changes in which both countries acquired new roles on the world stage. Decorative screens, swords, prints, paintings, photographs, maps and maritime objects form the seven themes that further explore the relations between the Netherland and Japan between 1853 and 1867.

While in the museum, be sure to stop by the Panorama room and see the ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ presentation inspired by the collaboration between Siebold and Keiga. The Japanese master craftsman Akihito Maeda and the Dutch designer Carole Baijings have combined traditional Japanese wood carvings with Dutch design. The result is a unique joint project that presents well know works by Kawahara Keiga (1786-1860) and his teacher Ishizaki Yūshi (1768 – 1846) in a different light.

For the Children
There are free treasure hunts (in Dutch) for children (up to 12 years) available at the front desk. There are also treasure hunts for the permanent collection as well as the temporary exhibition. For the youth (up to 17 years) there is a free activity booklet ‘DOEN’ (in Dutch) that corresponds with the temporary exhibition.

In the basement of the museum children can practice origami, colour, or play the life-size memory game.


Kimono Photo Shoot

Steal the show in your kimono! Have your photo taken in kimono and you might be the lucky winner of two tickets to the up-coming exhibition ‘Kimono. Mirror of modernity’ (19 July to 8 December). Photographs will be taken on the Doelenbrug from 14:00 – 14:30 and from 15:30 – 16:00.

Budo demonstrations

Japanese martial arts demonstration will be given the Tempelzaal of the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden. Admission to the demonstrations is free, admission to the exhibitions in the museum is the standard museum rate.

Time Club Budo
11.30 USC Leiden Jujitsu
11.50 Yukikan Kenjitsu
12.10 FuMetsu Kendo
12.30 Kendokai Den Haag Iaido
12.50 KKDH Jodo
13.10 NNR Naginata
13.30 Aikidoschool Leiden Aikido
13.50 Budokai Leiden Karate
14.10 USC Leiden Jujitsu
14.30 Yukikan Kenjitsu
14.50 FuMetsu Kendo
15.10 Kendokai Den Haag Iaido
15.30 KKDH Jodo
15.50 NNR Naginata
16.10 Aikidoschool Leiden Aikido
16.30 Budokai Leiden Karate

Flashback to 2023

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