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Poetry in Motion - the world of Kabuki dance during Kunisada’s lifetime

Zondag 5 maart, 14.00 - 15.00 uur

Paul Griffith

Japans kabuki-theater expert Paul Griffith bespreekt in deze lezing de relatie tussen de teksten en verbeelding op het podium. Hoe heeft dit prentkunstenaar Kunisada geïnspireerd voor zijn populaire acteursprenten?

Paul Griffith is a scholar on Kabuki. He contributed to the series ‘Kabuki Plays on Stage’ (2002-3) and is co-author of ‘A Guide to the Japanese Stage’(2005). Since 1985 he has been a translator and narrator of the English-language ‘Earphone Guide’ commentaries for Kabuki and Bunraku at Tokyo's Kabuki-za and National Theatre. Paul will illustrate with DVD excerpts the inter-relationship between text and imagery on stage, and on how this may have affected Kabuki fans of Kunisada's time when they purchased actor prints.

Let op: deze lezing is in het Engels