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Wabi-sabi. Japanese aesthetics in photography and ceramics

23 september 2022 t/m 15 januari 2023

Over one hundred works by national and international artists will present the Japanese aesthetic concept of wabi-sabi, in which the beauty of imperfection and transience play a central role.

Using photography and ceramics this resplendence becomes visible and the beauty of imperfection is underscored. A photo of melting snow pressed onto hand-made paper or a simple asymmetrical teacup with a crack in the glaze, serve to illustrate this concept.

In an age where everything must be better, faster and more appealing, this exhibition is a haven for rest, self-reflection and a personal encounter with the Japanese feeling of wabi-sabi.

Ohira MG 0036
Sano 0011
10 Aspect 4
7 Ninomiya Nokomi 9

A varied activities programme will accompany this exhibition and an illustrated catalogue will be on sale in the museum shop.