Upcoming exhibitions in 2023

Gebroeders Miedema

Japanese Fables by the Miedema Brothers

4 May to 27 August 2023

Exclusively for Japan Museum SieboldHuis, the Miedema brothers journey to the world of Japanese fables and fairy tales to bring both famous and lesser known Japanese stories to life. Over 50 drawings were created to illustrate the sharp contrast between the tender imagery and the horrific stories. The dream-like scenes are guaranteed to arouse the fantasy in this intuitive exhibition.


Japan on a glass plate.19th century photographs from the Kurokawa collection.

8 September to 3 March 2024

Over 140 coloured photos, supplemented with Japanese prints and books illustrate Japan at the end of the 19th century. The focus in this exhibition is on the introduction to photography in Japan, the historic narrative of the opening of Japan’s borders, the class society and the position of women, men and foreigners in Japan. Tourist spots, temples, tea houses and street life will be examined closely giving insight into the customs and manners of Japan’s Meiji period. The works of Felice Beato, Baron Raimund von Stillfried, Aldolfo Farsari, Kusakabe Kimbei, Ueno Hikoma and Shimooka Renjō will also be in display together with those by the famous Japanese artists Hiroshige, Hokusai and Utamaro.