Hello Kitty - Hello Holland

September 10th 2011 until November 30th 2011

Hk Pers Hat

From September 10 until November 30, Japan Museum SieboldHuis will dedicate an entire family exhibition to the cute white kitten with the red bow. ‘Hello Kitty - Hello Holland’ is the first overview exhibition about Hello Kitty in a museum in the Netherlands. Numerous Hello Kitty objects will be displayed, ranging from the first designs of the 1970s to the Holland Kitty limited edition that was especially made for this exhibition.

Worldwide appeal

The SieboldHuis will take you on a journey through Hello Kitty’s world. You’ll get to know her family, her friends, her favorite food and where she lives. In the exhibition you’ll be able to learn all about Hello Kitty since her birth in 1974. How have her appearance and design changed? How did she conquer the world? What are her origins? And why do we all love her so much? Ample attention will be given how Hello Kitty appeals to all her fans: young (or grown-up) girls, collectors, artists and fashion designers.

Do you have the largest Hello Kitty collection in the Netherlands?

For this exhibition, the SieboldHuis is looking for the Kitty’s biggest fan, with the largest Hello Kitty collection in the Netherlands. Do you collect all the Hello Kitty t-shirts, hair pins, bags, pencils, umbrellas and other Hello Kitty items? Have you been following her since the 1970s? And do you even fly to Japan for the latest Hello Kitty products?

Send a picture of your collection to the SieboldHuis before July 31st! (Don’t forget to include your name, e-mail address and phone number) Send the photograph to vandrunen@sieboldhuis.org or upload it to the Flickr group hellokittyhelloholland and maybe you’ll be the lucky fan to meet Hello Kitty in real life!

This exhibition is sponsored by the Japan Foundation and All Nippon Airways (ANA).