After the quake

February 19th 2010 until March 21st 2010

Around lunchtime on September 1, 1923, a huge earthquake struck Tokyo. It devastated the city: about 100,000 people dies and 40,000 went missing. The destuction was followed by a frantic rebuilding of the metropolis, which rapidly took on teh contours of present-day Tokyo. New, modern buildings were erected, steel bridges replaced the old wooden structures, parks were created throughout the city, and, particularly in these intial stages, the city vibrated with a sense of urban modernity. Print artists, especially those from the Sosaku hanga tradition, created numerous works at this time, documentating this architectural and social renewal.

The exhibition takes you through the major neighborhoods of Tokyo as portayed by such artists as Onchi Koshiro, Oda Kazuma, Koizumi Kishio, Hiratsuki Un'ichi, Kawase Hasui and others.

This exhibition is put together from the collection of Nihon no hanga, Japanese print cabinet in Amsterdam.