Nude - HARAI - Naked

Zondag 14 juli 2019, 14.00 - 15.00 uur

Lezing Ogino

Japanese artist and photographer Naoyuki Ogino will give a talk on his work and the photographs in the exhibition ‘Japanese Nudes’.

Don’t miss this opportunity to meet the artist in person when his visits Leiden on July 14th. In this English language lecture, artist Naoyuki Ogino will outline the origin of the series ‘Skin’ in the exhibition ‘Japanese Nudes’.

The ‘Skin’ series inspired Ogino to delve deeper into the scope of the terms Nude and Naked and their affinity with the concept of HARAI. In his lecture, Ogino will reveal surprising relationships between ‘Nude & Naked’ and HARAI.

N.B. This lecture will be in ENGLISH