Japanese Art Seminar

Zondag 6 november, 15.00 - 16.30 uur

Kusa No Ma In The Grasses 2009

On Sunday November 6, Prof. Shigemasa will deliver a lecture, the so-called “Japanese Art Seminar,” in which Professor Shigemasa will address materials, techniques and aspects of composition of nihonga, or ‘Japanese painting.’ This lecture will highlight the artisanship that plays such an important part in supporting and promoting of Japanese art and culture.

Professor Shigemasa Keiji is a widely recognized practicing artist working in the nihonga tradition.’ He is a Professor at Musashino Art University, Tokyo.

For more information about Professor Shigemasa, click here

The Japanese Art Seminar is a part of the artist in residence program organized by Leiden University and The Japan Association for Promotion of Arts (JAPA), with support of the Isaac Alfred Ailion Foundation. Click here for the complete programm and more information.