Archive exhibitions

Kokoshi Janet Bernard46088

Tōhoku Girls. Kokeshi dolls from Japan

23 june till 3 september 2017

Img 2887

Ema. Tastbare gebeden

March 17 untill June 11 2017

Casper Klein

Fleeting Images. Photographic works by Casper Faassen

December 9th 2016 until June 4th 2017

Kunisada Klein

Kunisada. Drama and beauty

9 december t/m 5 maart 2017

Fototenstoonstelling Japan En Nederland

Foto-expositie 'Japan & Nederland'

28 oktober t/m 11 december 2016

Campagnebeeld Arita

Arita. Paintings by Debora Makkus

10 September t/m 27 November 2016

Campagnebeeld Strijd

Battle for Power. Prints by Takeda Hideo

10 september t/m 27 november 2016

93 263

Fuji. Images of an Iconic Mountain

From December 10th, 2015 to March 6th, 2016

Tajiri And Ronin 460 199

Shinkichi Tajiri: Universal Paradoxes

June 12th 2015 until November 29th 2015

Zijden Pracht Poster

Silk Splendour

March 06th 2015 until May 31st 2015

Poster Keiga

Kawahara Keiga, photographer without a camera

November 28th 2014 until February 22nd 2015

Kai Vrouwtjes

People of Kyoto. Photo’s by Kai Fusayoshi

September 12th 2014 until November 16th 2014

Jkoc Zonder Balk

JAPAN: Kingdom of Characters

July 04th 2014 until August 31st 2014

Chris  Berens Web

NENSHA - Chris Berens, Works Inspired by Japan

March 14th 2014 until June 22nd 2014

Arno Kuppens  Lr

Sekimori ishi modern

March 14th 2014 until June 22nd 2014

Riksja Thumb

‘The String of Compassion. Couperus and Japan’

June 14th 2013 until August 25th 2013


‘Lily in Japan’

June 14th 2013 until August 25th 2013

Hollanders  A2 Edit1

The Dutch

March 01st 2013 until June 02nd 2013

Fukuzawa  Yukichi (1951 11 63 80) Kopie

Honourable Visitors

March 01st 2013 until June 02nd 2013

Extended  Loan  Entry  Number 335  P  U 1525

Ghosts and Spirits

December 07th 2012 until February 17th 2013

Stille Schoonheid Cover Klein

Silent Beauty

October 29th 2010 until November 28th 2010

Shadows Of Memory 01

Transformation/ Inspiration

September 16th 2012 until November 25th 2012

37  Aibo Kopie

Japanese Design

July 20th 2012 until September 02nd 2012

Afbeelding 1

Jewellery in Japan Museum SieboldHuis

April 06th 2012 until July 08th 2012

M 1038  Cxxxi 4


April 06th 2012 until July 08th 2012

Hk Pers Hat

Hello Kitty - Hello Holland

September 10th 2011 until November 30th 2011

Kimono Met Ballen  Hr1

Kawaii Kimono

June 02nd 2011 until August 28th 2011

Gorilla Web1

Animal Parade. Origami by Akira Yoshizawa

April 30th 2011 until May 29th 2011

Takano Aya Web

Stars, flowers and honey night

March 11th 2011 until April 24th 2011


Hokusai 250

December 10th 2010 until February 27th 2011

Afbeelding Oogst Klein


September 17th 2010 until October 24th 2010

Zijdendromen1 Klein Uitsnede

Silk dreams

September 10th 2010 until October 24th 2010


Catching the drifts

June 25th 2010 until August 15th 2010


Siebolds Flower Garden

April 22nd 2010 until June 13th 2010

Ikatkring 1 300Dpi (Klein)

Ikat with Shibori

March 24th 2010 until April 18th 2010

Kishio  Shinjuku Klein

After the quake

February 19th 2010 until March 21st 2010

Poster Japantattoo Kleiner

Japan Tattoo

December 18th 2009 until January 31st 2010